Bellevue Personal Injury $2.5 M Success Story

Jane and John Doe v. Hospital XYZ (King County, Washington): A 53 year old father underwent surgery to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm. After being incubated, ventilated and placed in CCU, the patient was placed under 24 hour care to monitor his tracheotomy.  When he improved, he was transferred from CCU to a step down floor. Because of the ongoing development of mucus, which required suctioning of his tracheotomy, it was important that the patient be monitored, assessed and suctioned, if necessary, every two hours by the attending nurses or respiratory therapists. After the patient’s transfer to the step down floor, he was not regularly monitored and suctioned. During his first night, the patient was not assessed or monitored for over five hours. As a result, he developed a mucus plug, could not breathe, and suffered respiratory arrest and heart failure. The patient was revived but suffered catastrophic brain damage. He now requires care 24-7 by his wife.

Settlement: $2,500,000.

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